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Life is about ideas, a work in progress, making moments matter, and finding your Zen!

What defines a marketing man? A marketing man is a business person who can transcend the boundaries of a product or service in order to help the client reach an understanding of his or her business and product unknowns and specific objectives. In the end, the simple goal is to get and keep a customer. In doing so, specific knowledge of finding the known unknowns is key.

Of course, knowing what you don’t know always helps as well. All of this knowledge focused towards disseminating these well thought out articulate powerful notions that spark the idea into tangible reality… and thus, a product or service is born!

In the end, always knowing that earned experience delivers thoughtful contemplative knowledge while using and presenting these powerful wisdom driven contributions is what links to orders and makes the endeavor a success. Vision of the overall process from a higher altitude is necessary and delivers the full birds eye view. Thus allowing you to see all aspects of the opportunity and more importantly, how to size it up quickly.

One of my favorite author educators of life taught me very early an important lesson I would never forget. He quoted, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school” ~ Albert Einstein

As a person who yearns for professional, academic and spiritual growth; I realized that life is about ideas and business is about bringing those ideas to life in a meaningful way. I make it my goal to examine all ideas presented me with intense scrutiny in order to find the common ground that creates the universal bridge between the intellectual concept which links the intellectual bridge of a well formulated idea into reality.

Once this conceptual bridge is crossed, the gap is closed by bringing the ideas into focus in a no-nonsense way. Viola! POP! Ideas are delivered into reality and born into the tangible world.

The goal of marketing is simple, you don’t have to be an ivy league graduate and spend 500k on a business education to figure out that you’re here to get and keep a customer. The ultimate goal is to put your idea / dream, “the product”, into the hands of eager, interested and happy paying customers with whom you’re going to spend a lot of repetitive after marketing dollars to keep and up-sell once gotten! The point is, staying relevant is the key. As long as you stay relevant in the minds of your customers you will keep them.

Do you have this part of your plan thoroughly investigated and well laid out and Is it ready to go? There are many questions… but do you have all the real answers you need to make informed and well educated sets of choices?

The goal of every man, woman or child from cradle to grave is to learn to speak fluently the language of the world. This language which unifies the whole of the entire world is known as the language of business. How well you speak business depends greatly on your acumen or lack thereof.

As defined: The Oxford English Dictionary:

~ defines acumen as “the ability to make good judgments and quick decisions”

As a business minded person, you may be looking for the competitive advantage, or simply to sharpen your mental saw. If you are looking for an instant intellectual launch platform of extreme knowledge skill sets and are yearning to know what you don’t know, take a look at our mentoring packages.

The Free Daily Challenge and the 45 Day Challenge offers decades of experience and proven concepts written in a simple and easy to understand format that anyone of all ages can learn from.

Getting started from Zero to Zen! Advanced Intellectual Warp Drive engaged. :-)

Your success in this life is heavily dependent on knowledge. What you don’t know hurts you. I offer you the ability to instantly connect your aspirations to real world processes and make only one guarantee… and that is that you will be a great deal more successful with the knowledge I provide.

In order to help meet our clients needs, we have authored The Drive To Success with the simple question… what drives your success? Knowledge!

Having a strong sense of calm within comes from the assurance of knowing what must be known, which ultimately is what helps create your center. In that, people don’t know what they don’t know; and if you don’t know what you don’t know, you cannot ask the right questions; and if you cannot ask the right questions because you don’t know what you don’t know; you cannot be led to good choices; and without good choices; you can never get to outcome which lives on the other side of the equal sign in this quotient; and that is the quotient of success or lack thereof.

All of us without regard to gender, color, creed, nationality or geographic border have one thing in common. Which is, in order to make the necessary intellectual leap towards your success in life; you must find your center, your Zen. Every man woman or child must attain and learn these vital business skill sets in order to fluently speak the language of the world… business. Ultimately, with any business comes challenges, and with challenges comes process.

In the end… process is king!

The offer of this site is simple, and that is for you to ask yourself a very important question… do you know what you don’t know?

The importance of this question cannot be undervalued nor obliviated from your forward progress from this day forth. You have been exposed to a very important question which begs the questions of your life which up to now perhaps have not been answered or even considered. Thus, left without a credible answer to this specific question, you remain left in the dark. Much like truth, you cannot lie to yourself. Even more importantly, once you have seen the truth, you cannot un-see it.

The known unknowns are what hold you back in life both personally and even more so professionally. You must take the first step toward the unknown and must eliminate all impediments and remove them from your life.

When you are ready to implement and aggressively pursue your ideas while bringing them into focus, reach out and take the challenge. Touch, Tap, Click or Flick direct or send an email to schedule an initial consultation free of charge.

On the Downloads Landing Page, there is a link to Take the DTS Challenge. Take the challenge posted on the landing page, learn something new and make the intellectual leap towards your Zen and betterment!

Find your Marketing Zen today and grip this knowledge and get your head around it! Make the intellectual leap so you yourself may illuminate and shine. Contact Us For Your DTS Free Challenge

Move from the darkness… live in the light! ~ My Zen

For a complimentary sample, please visit the downloads page and begin by taking,
The Free Daily Challenge.

This challenge will help you learn what must be known of your unknowns. I am sure you will find something useful and hopefully with which will spark your imagination and really get your creative and business juices flowing.

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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school”
~ Albert Einstein

Areas of Exceptional Knowledge

How To Get And Keep A Customer
Master Marketing Authoring Encompasing All Phases of Business Development
Business Rules & Payment Process Engineering
Infomercial Production Long and Short Form
Business Concepts & Product Content Authoring
Direct Response Television Marketing

Foundational Structuring

Establishing Your Foundational Cornerstones

Extreme Marketing Concepts

Direct Access Marketing to over 50 Home Shopping Venues Globally
How To Get And Keep A Customer

Business Strategies

Single Page Checkout ~ The Art of the One Page Close
Payment Strategies ~ The Art of The Extraction

Making The Intellectual Leap

Helping You Switch ON

Getting Paid Ridiculously

Direct Access Marketing to over 50 Home Shopping Venues Globally
Business Rules & Payment Process Engineering

Corporate Structuring

Where to Incorporate on Planet Earth ~ Limiting Tax Exposure

Mechanical & Architectural Engineering

Device Technology Engineering


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